Friday, 4 May 2018

Lest we forget

Room 11 spent the week learning about and commemorating ANZAC day.
Mrs Waite bought in some special items that belonged to her husbands grandfather who fought in a war.

They were really interesting, and it was great to hear a real war story.


This a cup that had lots of engraving about the war on it.


This was a certificate that the soldier received after the war and a shaving kit that soldiers had to carry with them during the war. It even still had the soap!

Next... we made ANZAC biscuits. Yum!

We had to work in small groups and work out the quantities by
halving each ingredient. 

This turned out to be tricky and some biscuits tasted a little bit better than others, but we still enjoyed them!



  1. I learnt so much about Anzac Day and the cookies were delious

  2. It was so interesting learning about all the wars

  3. It was cool seeing the all the things that he took to war.
    The cookies where delious!!!!!

  4. The cookies looks yum.


  5. Great to see you really understanding the meaning behind ANZAC day. It's important that we remember those that have fallen and served for us to have our freedom today!

  6. Even know they were a little over cooked,but they were still VERY VERY good. -JerryLiu


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