Monday, 29 October 2018

Beeswax lunch wraps

During term 3, Room 11 and their buddy class; Team 8 discussed how we could 
make a difference and help our environment. 

After much discussion, we decided that we could help by stopping using plastic 
wrap in our lunchboxes and use an alternative like a Beeswax lunch wrap.

We had to research how to make them and find out what we needed.
Mrs Nelson ordered the beeswax pellets all the way from Geraldine and Mrs Turner sourced the material and pinking shears.

Next we had to work out what size the lunch wrap needed to be and measure them 
out on the material - this was trickier than we thought!

After using the pinking shears to cut out the lunch wraps we got busy making them with our buddies - this was the fun part!

Watch our slideshow to see how we made them.

Friday, 19 October 2018

SVA Community Guardians

This term, Team 5 are volunteering their services by taking part in a community project. We are in the 'Get Thinking' stage of the inquiry process, where we need to FIND the perfect project we can go forth and make a change in a community with.

We are interested in hearing from our families and friends and the wider community to find out what they think would be a good project for us to do for our community.

Please feel free to comment with any ideas you or your family come up with below. Let's make a change together!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Science Week @ Sunnyhills!

It's Science Week at Sunnyhills School and we were lucky to have Science in Van come along and show us some amazing things!

Sunnyhills T4 Hip Hop Disco

Check out the stylish peeps of Room 11 rocking it at the Term 3 Sunnyhills Hip Hop disco.

Mrs Nelson and her Room 11 posse.


                                Nikheel?!                    Riley and Marco doing some mindful eating...

Chloe and her crew striking a pose!


                   Kiralee strutting her stuff!                    Bright and bold Lucy!

Sophie taking a water break.

Sanajan busting a move!

A special shout out to Chloe who stole the show with her stellar 'caterpillar' moves.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Fractions & Pizzas

As part of Maths week, Room 11 have been looking at fractions so what better way to put our learning to use than to measure, mix, make and share our pizzas among our group.

There were some very yummy and interesting creations, but all were devoured and enjoyed by the budding chefs. Well, mostly!

Take a look at our delicious creations below.

Goodbye from Room 11

Room 11, 2018 What a class! What a Year!