Monday, 19 February 2018

Breezy Summer days...

During this hot humid weather we've been having, we decided that because we couldn't go to the beach, then we'd bring the beach to Room 11!

We used mixed media to give our art a 3D effect. First we ripped coloured 
paper and layered it up like waves and then we did the same to textured 
paper to imitate sand.

Next we designed and coloured in our 'Kiwi Summer Jandals', then we glued then onto corrugated card. Lastly we glued the sandals on to the 'sand'.

Look at our materpieces!











  1. that look awesome team 11!! i love the summer!

  2. These look amazing Room 11! Good job.

  3. I can already hear the waves!

  4. Wow room 11! you made amazing pictures of slippers on the beach, i love how creative you are. you all did such a great job I bet Mr Tucker thinks so to. from Shyla room 6.

  5. Wow room 11, those jandals look amazing. Good job!

  6. wow great beach land room11

  7. Well done room 11! Great job! Keep it up!

  8. Wow, I love your art! The sandals really stand out! I wonder when I can go to the beach! Maybe the Easter holidays!


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