Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Team work and Problem solving skills...

Last week Room 11 did some team building games to learn to work collaboratively and get to know one another.

First they were asked to stand inside a circle of rope that was big enough for them all to fit inside of. Easy!


Mrs Nelson made the circle of rope smaller and they had to figure 
out a way of all standing and fitting inside the circle. 
This was getting tricky!

It took a bit of problem solving and some clever thinking 
but they got there in the end. Well done!

Human knots

Next we went outside and worked in small groups to try 
and un-knot ourselves from our eachother.

It took a couple of attempts of knotting and un-knotting ourselves but eventually we solved this problem and worked together.

Well done Room 11. You didn't give up and worked well together!


  1. This looks like fun Room 11. I might have to try some of these activities with Room 5!

  2. that is what i call teamwork. good job!!

  3. It looks like some interesting team work occurred for you to achieve those challenges! You must of had to communicate carefully!

  4. that was hard but we made it in the end

  5. It was hard but at the end everyone did it. Great job!


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